Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Syphilis in Europe brought by Columbus?

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LONDON - The name of Christopher Columbus as an explorer fragrant world a little bit tarnished with the results of research that mentions the researcher was infected with syphilis figures - one type of venereal disease. The conclusion was obtained when the researchers found evidence of two centuries-old bones or the first time coincided with the emergence of the disease.
Indirectly, the researchers blamed the Columbus and crew of his ship after bringing outbreaks of the disease to continental Europe from the Americas pascakembali. Evidence of the involvement of Columbus as a disseminator of syphilis from the bone findings in east London. Based on analysis of the bone is known to the signs of syphilis in the form of a rough sketch on the bone.
Brian Connell, an expert in the museum of London expressed doubt on the findings of this framework. According to him, radiocarbon samples are used only about 95 percent guarantee of accuracy.
"We believe that Christopher Columbus did not bring the disease when it arrived in Europe. Two framework of known affected syphilis known to have come from a different year of death," said Connell told Time, as quoted dailymail, Tuesday (26/10). The first framework is expected of a child suffering from blindness, have canine teeth berkemiringan 45 degrees and died at the age of 10 years. "The results show a very pathetic condition. The skull should be smooth as the rough landscape of the moon,"
Syphilis is a venereal disease that causes serious damage to the heart, brain, eye and bone. If not intensively treated, syphilis can be fatal. In an age before antibiotics, the bacteria Treponema, causing the disease, very dangerous. These bacteria quickly spread and become a calamity every major city.
Known, the first cases of syphilis occurred in 1495, the first three years pascaperlayaran Columbys into a new world. Controversy over whether or not Columbus carrier syphilis to Europe to invite debate. Not a few opinions that say Vikinglah who brought the disease from the Americas. The reason, the Vikings had first crossed the Atlantic more than Columbus.