Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Can Mentawai Island Drowning

JAKARTA, - The government has so far remained a deliberation on the rule that forbids residents to live in coastal areas prone to tsunamis Mentawai. Staff of the Special Presidential Division of Natural Disasters, Andi Arief said the relocation of residents Mentawai a perfect solution. Because, in addition to the tsunami disaster-prone, according to research by the Mentawai Islands will sink.
"If the Mentawai, there is no cure other than relocation because of not only the tsunami hit, but the island will fall down," said Andi in a polemic discussion 'Disaster and Grief Indonesia' at Warung Daun, Jakarta, Saturday (30/10/2010).

Options for relocation of the Mentawai population Andi said the president delivered during a visit to the Mentawai. However, according to Andi relocation option is not easy considering the difficulty of making people believe that to move into the space provided later.

"It takes time for the people believe the earthquake was not a matter of faith. What is true there will be earthquakes, tsunamis, it is a matter of faith," he said.

Meanwhile, Hermawan Sulistyo disaster volunteers in the same occasion said that the government improve disaster management first before thinking about population relocation options. He said the existing disaster management is still a mess because of poor coordination is clear.

"It's a matter management, ubiquitous way, ga need in the Mentawai," he said.

As reported previously the Governor of West Sumatra, Irwan Prayitno convey coastal residents will relocate to the hills of the Mentawai islands. The government plans to build 4000 temporary houses in the hills to the coastal population.

Irwan Prayitno also said that the relocation of people is not easy to implement since most of the Mentawai people earns a meager living as a fisherman.